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Built for Growth — SEO Marketing for Construction Companies

Built for Growth -- SEO Marketing for Construction Companies

Understanding SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be best understood as any content creation strategy that makes your website more likely to be found through a search engine.

Optimizing your website increases your chances of ranking higher on the search engine results page (SERP) whenever someone Google-searches keywords related to your industry. In the vastness of the Internet, you need to effectively broadcast your presence to clients, contractors, or potential business partners so that your signal cuts through the noise.

“… SEO is one of the absolute best channels to achieve low customer acquisition cost, high engagement and lifetime value, and a flywheel for your web marketing that can scale with decreasing friction. It’s very hard to get started, but after years of investment, SEO can pay immense dividends with not much additional energy or expenditure.”
— Rand Fishkin, founder of MOZ (via Simplewebs)

Advantages of SEO

Built for Growth -- SEO Marketing for Construction Companies

  • It helps you rank higher. People on the Internet are looking for quick solutions. They will stop scrolling after the first 5+ results on a page and choose from the top recommendations. Appearing after page 2 is a key disadvantage. Well-done SEO boosts your ranking and visibility.
  • It boosts brand reputation. An optimized company website inevitably gives off the impression of authority, popularity, and prominence—all good things from a marketing perspective, and achieved through thoughtful SEO practices.
  • It generates more leads. Effective SEO generates more organic traffic to your site, increasing the chances of visitors engaging with your business.
  • It increases opportunities for conversion. If a lead is an invitation, the conversion is when visitors like what they see and become paying customers. But first, you need to earn their attention through time-tested SEO strategies.

SEO Strategies for Construction Companies

Set your construction website up for success, drive traffic, gain leads, and increase conversions through your online presence with the following proven SEO tactics:

● Optimize your website

  • Become accessible (to web crawlers) – Search engines employ bots or spiders that “crawl” web pages, picking up information to include in its index so searchers can access the site. Making sure your website includes the right (read: relevant) keywords in just the right amount will clue in the bots—and, later, human searchers—that you have what they are looking for.
  • Be mobile-friendly – Around 60 percent of all online searches now happen from a mobile device. To avoid disengaging with the largest part of your audience, optimize your interface to adapt to smaller screens and perform across different smart devices like phones and tablets.
  • Increase load time – A slow-loading webpage is the kiss of death for gaining attention. Design your website to be lithe instead of clunky, clean instead of cluttered, and you’ll guard against bad impressions on your company.

● Research keywords

Built for Growth -- SEO Marketing for Construction Companies

This graph shows the most significant factors in on-page SEO and the percentage of each factor’s correlation to high ranking. The highest is the domain age (~12%), which is a factor that cannot be altered. Keyword usage in various locations in the site (i.e. in the domain name (~8%), title (~5%), alt tags (~2.5%), headings (~1.5%), and meta-descriptions (~1%)), makes up the bulk of the list. Other factors include the number of social shares (~3%), HTTPS (~2.5%), and quality links to high authority sites (2%). Though correlation does not equate to causation, all these factors still play a critical role in search engine ranking. This graph gives insights on where to focus your on-page efforts.

Your SERP ranking crucially depends on the type, frequency, and even the order of words on your website’s text content. Two key areas to pay attention to are the short or long tail of your keywords as well as their “local flavour.”

Short-Tail vs. Long-Tail

Short-tail keywords are search phrases consisting of only 1–3 terms, making the term more open and ambiguous. This vagueness leads to competing and even conflicting results.

For example, “apple” is a short-tail keyword which yields search results for both “how to make apple cider vinegar” and “Apple Watch series 4 price” (both of which are examples of long-tail keywords). Same keyword, vastly different results.

The best way to compete in this mayhem is to do your research on the most viable and popular keywords to use in the construction industry.

By including short- and long-tail construction keywords in your website’s content, you increase the chances that people looking for construction services will find you whether they search for a long-tail or a short-tail keyword.

Competition for the short-tail keywords is a red ocean and almost not worth the effort, but optimizing for long-tail keywords is a powerful opportunity.

Localizing keywords

Construction companies must be strategic about advertising the location they service. By including keywords related to your company’s location on your website’s titles, headings, and main content, you increase local search traffic to your site.

Another invaluable tactic is to register your company on Google Maps and register in the free listings on Google My Business, Yelp, or Bing.

This becomes a tremendous advantage when, for example, you’re running an SEO company catering to construction companies based out of Toronto, Canada, you can optimize for searches related to SEO for construction services in Canada.

● Create compelling content

Built for Growth -- SEO Marketing for Construction Companies

Maintaining a company website is only stage one. You also need to keep it updated, relevant, helpful, and active to maintain a healthy inflow of traffic and business. Here are some ways to accomplish that.

  • Create service pages. This means a clear and thorough “About Us” section that covers the who, what, when, where, how, and why of your company and the scope of what you do.
  • Start a blog. Publishing interesting informational blog pieces on your construction company takes commitment, but regular posting signals to searchers that your website is a flourishing and relevant source rather than a stagnating dead-end.
  • Repurpose content. This means taking topics you’ve already written about and generating different forms of content from it, whether as an infographic, a video, a slideshow, or a webinar. You thus make the most of your material and reach new audiences, especially if you discover one type of medium generates more engagement than another.

● Register in online directories

Online directories are the yellow pages of the Internet. Appearing on established listings like Construction Business Directory or BuilderSpace is a major marketing victory. You may need to pay to register in certain directories, but this is money well spent. Many professionals and information brokers still rely on directories as a key go-to source for finding and hiring professionals.

● Encourage online reviews

Bright Local presents the results of their 2016 survey of 2000 consumers regarding their attitudes toward local reviews. The video offers valuable insights into how online reviews influence decision-making. It takes a look at aspects including audience reach, trust, and impact on the likelihood of purchasing. According to the video, as many as 91% of consumers read online reviews of local companies, 84% trust these reviews as much as they would personal referrals, and 64% go as far as to trust the business itself after reading the reviews. This leads a staggering number of consumers to ultimately purchase products and services from local businesses with more positive reviews–and that’s not all. In addition to these findings, the video goes on to say that positive reviews increase search engine ranking. In fact, according to a study done by another organization, Local SEO Guide, the factor that had the biggest influence on the local ranking of businesses is Google reviews. This means online reviews drive both traffic and sales, and businesses will be remiss in neglecting to take them into account.

A crucial factor influencing people’s decision about whether to hire your services or not is the recommendation of others for or against your company. This is a social force too powerful to ignore. Make sure you take advantage of it and make it easier for satisfied clients to leave reviews, either by including a review board on your site or linking to a third-party review site.

● Build backlinks

Backlinks are the currency of prominence in the online market. The more websites that post links leading back to your website, the greater the traffic, the higher your rank, and the better your chances for conversion. Building backlinks is a whole challenge unto itself and is one of the core focuses of SEO agencies.

● Engage in social media

Social media platforms offer gigantic opportunities for networking and direct engagement with clients and contractors. Something as simple as a Facebook page complete with contact information, office directions, an About Us section, and regular page postings featuring announcements and promotions will work wonders when generating business leads. Also, make sure your website blog has social media share icons to encourage networking on different platforms.

Working with an SEO Expert

Built for Growth -- SEO Marketing for Construction Companies

Effective SEO remains the pinnacle of every business with a website. It pays to do it right, and by that token, it’s more cost effective to leave it to the experts.

Hiring an SEO agency as part of your marketing efforts ensures you have the expertise, connections, and nuanced awareness of the online market to give you your time and money’s worth. While knowing the basics of SEO gives you a tactical advantage in the online market, enlisting the services of an SEO expert will give you a long-term strategic advantage.

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