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February 16, 2021
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February 16, 2021
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5 Reasons DIY Electrical Work Is Risky

5 Reasons DIY Electrical Work Is Risky
5 Reasons DIY Electrical Work Is Risky

[Credit] Sid74 | Pixabay

Electricity is a friend and a foe. If it is used properly, it lightens up a space, cooks food, makes people feel comfortable, and also keeps everyone entertained. On the other hand, if it is not properly used, it could cause destruction of properties, injuries, and even death.

Electrical missteps can cause a very dangerous situation. Using the wrong appliances or taking a do-it-yourself route in repairs could have potentially fatal consequences.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid DIY electrical work:

1. Electrocution

When electricity enters the body, it can cause burns and damage to tissues and organs. A current above 100mA can leave visible burn marks at point of contact while higher voltages can cause serious burns or may require amputation of affected limbs.

You may think that small appliances like your cellular phone charger has no effect on you but they can also cause minor burns and other injuries.

Internal burns are more serious and happens when large electric shock passes through the body. Serious consequences can cause scarring, amputation, loss of functions, and death.

5 Reasons DIY Electrical Work Is Risky

Electrical misuse can cause fires that will damage properties and even take lives
[Credit] Daniel Tausis | Unsplash

2. Fire

Fire incidents are unforeseen and can strike anytime, but most incidents could have been prevented such as in the case electrical misuse. On its website, the Vancouver Government emphasized the importance of preventing electrical fires as it can damage properties and even take lives.

DIY electrical projects can pose great risks as homeowners tend to believe that they did the right thing, only for the “successful” project to cause circuit problems. This false sense of security and self-sufficiency may have serious repercussions.

3. Code Violations

Not every person understands the code of installing and repairing electrical lines. When making home improvements that involve electrical works, you may want to reconsider taking the do-it-yourself route as you may be held liable for it. Aside from the cost of repair for shoddy work, it is risky and will not pass the standards of the government.

It is best to leave the job to professionals who are not just skilled but also well-versed of laws and standards governing the field.

4. Expensive Repairs

According to Home Guide, the average electrical work price for small jobs is at $141–419 while large jobs are at $2,000–6,000 (at $6–8 per hour). At first glance, it may seem a very high price to pay, but considering the risks, it is a safer choice.

Repairs for improper electrical works can cost more than if you were to pay a professional to get the job done. Buying the wires and other fixtures that are likely to be replaced PLUS the fee for professionals to redo your job is more expensive.

5 Reasons DIY Electrical Work Is Risky

Repairs of shoddy electrical jobs can be more expensive than the initial amount
[Credit] Romario99 | Pixabay

5. Broken Appliances

Appliances need electric power from a properly flowing circuit. Plugging your appliance on shoddily installed outlets will likely cause them to break as the current will not flow properly. To avoid the scenario of buying a new appliance (which is actually more expensive), leave the electrical repair and installation in the hands of professionals.

The moral here is clear: Playing with electricity is not a good idea as it can be very risky and expensive. To protect your life and property, call on a licensed electrician for your installation and repair needs.

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