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Waterproofing In Toronto: How Homeowners Can Benefit

Waterproofing in Toronto can turn a bathroom into a personal oasis. It saves money by preventing water damage and is a great selling point when the house is on the market.

Fully-tanked bathrooms are ones that are completely waterproof. Plumbing professionals use special materials and adhesives that prevent any leaks. Tile can be laid right over this material for a finished look. Here are some benefits of waterproofing in Toronto:

  • No more leaks

Water always flows downward with the force of gravity. If there is a crack in the walls, floors, or sealant, water will seep into it. If the bathroom is upstairs, this leak can easily find its way through the walls and ceiling downstairs. It can cause damage in the whole structure and even to light fixtures, causing a dangerous electrical problem. When bathrooms are completely waterproofed, there will be no more leaks beneath walls and floors.

  • No more dampness and mold

If homeowners feel dampness in the walls and floors of their bathrooms, they can be almost certain that there is damage underneath the structures. Leaking water rots interior wood and plaster. This condition creates a perfect environment for hazardous mold growth, which can lead to breathing and health problems in people and animals. Waterproofing in Toronto stops the leaks that feed the mold and mildew in a bathroom.

  • Better Insulation

It is common for external bathroom walls to feel cold during the winter months. This makes the whole room feel chilly and may require more heat. The harder a furnace has to work, the more money a homeowner has to pay in energy bills. Waterproofing board provides extra insulation in the bathroom. It can pay for itself with the money that is saved on heating bills.

  • More Stylish Options

One of the hottest trends in bathroom construction is an open wet room. Waterproofing the bathroom eliminates the need for a shower tray. Little niches built in the wall can hold bathing essentials. Homeowners may choose to install a hanging toilet with a concealed basin. It completely modernizes the bathroom.

When a bathroom is waterproofed and updated, it can add value to the home. This is especially helpful for those who plan to sell their homes. Potential buyers look for things like a modern bathroom. Waterproofing in Toronto can make the difference in a sale.

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