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Three Differences between an Unlicensed and a Licensed Plumber in Burlington


When a plumbing crisis hits and you need emergency plumbing services fast, here are three reasons to call a licensed plumber in Burlington and get your home back to normal again.

It’s been a long day, you get home from work, and unfortunately your house greets you with a new plumbing crisis. Maybe the toilet is hopelessly clogged. Maybe the water heater won’t start. Or you step into the kitchen and see water pooling onto your floor. Your first reaction is to call a plumber. When you do, make sure to call a licensed plumber in Burlington because an unlicensed plumber can cost you a lot more than their cheaper upfront rates.

First of all, a plumbing license shows that the plumber has both the training and experience to offer all kinds of plumbing services in your area. Many licensing bodies require that a plumbing continues to undergo training throughout their career to keep their license up-to-date. While anyone can watch a few videos or pull on a pipe wrench, when it comes to your house and your family, you should make sure that the plumber knows exactly what they are doing — especially when things start to go wrong.

Secondly, what if something does go wrong? A licensed plumber in Burlington will have to carry a commercial liability bond, which basically covers any claims related to property damage or bodily injury if the plumber is at fault. You can also ask about surety bonds, which cover any property damage caused by shoddy plumbing work. Unlicensed plumbers rarely have either type of insurance, which can cost the homeowner a lot of money if anything happens during or after the plumbing repair job.

And finally, the biggest reason to choose a licensed plumber is that they answer to answer to their local licensing board, which will punish or fine them if they engage in unethical behavior. There are lots of things a greedy or unscrupulous person can do when they are called out to fix an emergency problem in the home, especially when the homeowner is nervous or stressed. A licensed plumber will have more incentive to put their customer’s needs first, and do the right things.





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