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Do I Have Bed Bugs in Barrie?

Bed Bugs Barrie

Long ago when mom tucked you into bed, she’d switch off the light and tell you to sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite. Long ago this may have been a bug found in stories, but today they’re all-to-real. Bed bugs are small pests that resemble ticks. They prefer the warmth and comfort of a mattress for their home turf, however, they’ll also live inside of dark places like headboards, electrical outlets, and couches. The human blood is the bedbug’s preferred meal. During the wee hours of the night the bed bugs come out to attack their unsuspecting, sleeping prey, leaving behind an unmistakable itch and oftentimes swelling in the area of the bite.


For everyone think that bedbugs are unwelcomed guests in your home, it is in your best interest to phone a professional to take care of the bed bugs in Barrie at once. Bedbugs can live a very long time (up to one year) without a meal, so it is best to stop the problem before it becomes overwhelming.


How can you determine if bed bugs are inside of your home? If the bite doesn’t give it away, look for small critters that resemble ticks in the corners and crevices of your bed and furniture. Also look for red blood stains left behind when a bug is smashed.


Pay attention to the time that the bites occur and your location when the bite is felt. Bedbugs usually bite in the middle of the night, with the hours of 2 – 3 a.m. their prime choice of time to prey on their victim. If you’re only being bitten while in the bed (or on a couch) when it is dark inside of the home, this is an indication that it is bed bugs causing your troubles.


With one call to the professional exterminator of bed bugs in Barrie for specialized treatment of this sometimes hard to eliminate bug, you can finally eliminate the worry you have before laying down at night. Bedbugs don’t have to cause any more grief in your life!
Try giving Mr. Pest Control a call and get rid of your nasty visitors.

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