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Destination Wedding: Transportation Booking Tips

Destination Wedding

Holding your wedding close to where you live is challenging enough. You need to make a mountain of decisions, plan every single detail, and make sure that everything that goes with the event (flowers, cake, food, venue, and guest lists) is in place. Planning an out-of-town wedding is even more so as it brings with it another set of responsibilities: transport and accommodation for your guests.

Considering that your guests are going well out of their way to be with you on your special day, taking good care of them should be on the priority list. Arranging a wedding transportation vehicle for your guests will help prevent wedding woes and transportation torment. Having a bus or shuttle ready for them to take them to their hotels from the airport or to bring them to the venue on the day itself will make it convenient.

Destination Wedding

Planning for Wedding Transportation

When a large number of people need to travel together, securing transport for all of them is both convenient and time-saving. Ensuring that all your guests can comfortably get to and from the wedding venue is important. Read on to learn a few tips on how to book the necessary transportation for your guests:

  • Research – Take the time to research the different transportation services in the area you’ll be holding your wedding. This allows you to get hold of their contact details and to compare their offers so you can choose the better deal. Narrow down your options by choosing the ones that are within your price range. Make sure they are reliable. Read the customer feedback on their website or on Yelp. A sure-fire way to ensure their credibility is to check them out at the local Better Business Bureau for their ratings.
  • Consider Your Budget – Before booking a contract, consider the price of mileage and the cost per hour.
  • Determine the number of vehicles to book – Once you have the final guest list, keep an eye on the number of guests who’ll need the transportation. Ask them whether they will be bringing their vehicles or not. Once you find out how many guests will be needing transport, talk to the company you’ve decided to hire and ask them the size and number of vehicles you need to book.
  • Book in advance – Once you’ve decided where and when to hold your wedding, find out if your big day falls during one of the busier days in the year for transport in that country or area. If so, it’s advisable book your transport company at least six months before your wedding or sooner. This is especially true if your country is a tourist destination or if your wedding date will be held during graduation season.
  • Book in person – After you and the transport provider come to an agreement, visit office so that you can personally check the vehicle and book it in person. This can help you avoid any unwanted surprises by making sure that it is in great shape before making any deposits.
  • Ask about Decorations – Some soon-to-be-married couples want to have the vehicle decorated so that it matches their wedding theme. However, there are vehicle rental companies that do not allow this or will charge extra for it. Before you start shopping for any type of decor, check with the company first.

Destination Wedding

Renting a transportation service exclusively for your guests is a gesture that will show them that you care about their comfort and how much you appreciate their presence in what is probably the biggest event in your life. This way, you can make your wedding a bit more memorable as well as more enjoyable and relaxing for yourself and all your guests.

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