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3 Signs That a Tree is Dying

3 Signs That a Tree is Dying

Healthy trees are equipped with the ability to withstand and adapt to the environment’s harshest conditions, but like all living creatures, trees require nutrients, maintenance, and emergency treatment for the damages it may have sustained from seasonal weather changes.

While it all depends on environmental factors and the amount of care given, some trees may wither and decay over time and eventually die. Here are some signs to watch out for:

 3 Signs That a Tree is Dying

Dead wood

Dry and brittle branches are among the many indicators of a tree’s declining health. Branches that bend and snap easily against gentle winds may be a sign that the tree’s turgidity is slowly winding down as it requires enough fluid to keep standing upright.

Deep cracks in the bark

Barks are like a tree’s “skin”. Like humans, the conditions of a tree’s skin shows their overall health and are a tree’s first line of defense against insects and disease. If a tree’s bark has split, it’s a sign that it may be rotting away.

Presence of fungi

Some species of fungi not only grow on wood but also penetrates the wood’s structure, leading the tree to decay as its remaining nutrients are slowly being eaten away.

These are only some of the most-well known signs that a tree may reach its inevitable end. The best way to know for sure is to consult a certified arborist, or “tree doctor”, as they have the necessary knowledge and experience to properly assess and deal with your tree’s problems.

 3 Signs That a Tree is Dying
Dead trees are visibly unattractive and may affect a home’s overall value in the market. Aside from this, dead or dying trees in your yard pose a lot of serious risks. They can attract multiple pests into your home, making way for an infestation. It may also topple over any second and harm parts of the landscape or anyone walking past. Additionally, certain diseases that affect trees are contagious and may infect some of the nearby plants.

The best way to deal with a dead tree is by removing it. Removing a tree completely and effectively, however, needs the expertise of professionals, like the crane service company in Richmond Hill, and experienced arborists. Hiring the services of a professional is highly recommended as they have all the necessary tools to effectively carry out the removal without any hassle.

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